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Eastman 850va 12v Hybrid Inverter,

850va 12v hybrid inverter, Eastman , A leading brand in POWER Products in India and world wide, brings its latest range of Inverter, battery and solar products with innovative features.INVERTERLCD display in all modelsUPS mode in all modelsBATTERYLong lifeFast charge acceptanceAGM/TUBULAR/GEL RangesBest in classPan Nigeria Service Center NetworkExperienced Service team with Indian Expat Engineer with trained local engineer staffPan Nigeria Product availabilityHow it worksIn Solar Off-grid PWM PCU, when the sun rays hit on the solar panel, it leads to the generation of DC power which converted usable AC power for the functioning of the connected appliances. The surplus DC power is secured in the battery in case of power cut. The solar charger controller which is inbuilt insure appropriate battery charging and restrain the reverse flow of current to the solar panel. PWM means Pulse Width Modulation which is used as one method of float charging. It sends out a series of short charging pulse to the battery- a very rapid “on-off” switch. The controller continually checks the condition of the battery.


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