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80W All In One Solar Street Lights

This ‘ All in One’ solar/security lights has a strong differentiation in the market, is not like the common solar street light in the market…..The All in One” Solar panel,led light and the lithium battery are built together making it very portable and sizeable to move from one place to another , Also it is easily mounted on a based structure or integrated on a pole.. The higher led lights makes it gives illumination of the same brightness of a normal halogen bulb. A single sunny day charging can make it work for 72hrs(3days) dusk till dawn in periods of rainy days or very cloudy days because of its efficient builtin lithium battery. Solar Security lights do not need PHCN or Generators they are independent, hence maintenance cost is low compares to to the conventional street lights that depends on PHCN or GENERATORS for Power. Also , Risk of Accidents are minimized since external wires are eliminated, Its Environmental friendly since it does not cause Pollution.


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