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60Amps 12/24/48V PWM Solar Charge Controller With Display

50A smart PWM solar charge controller for 12V/24V/48V batteries, with dual USB port, auto swich DC 12V/24V.48V, light weight, beautiful appearance and fast heat dissipation.


Model ATO-PWM-60
System Voltage DC 12V/24V, DC 24V/48V,automatically switch
The Max Voltage of The Solar Panel Input 60V (12V/24V), 100V (24V/48V)
Self Los ≤13mA
Max Charge Current 20A
Max Discharge Current 20A
LVD (9-11V), 21V (18-22V), 42V (36-44V)
LVR 12.6V (11-13.5V), 25.2V (22-27V), 50.4V (44-54V)
Floating Voltage 13.8V (13-15V), 27.6V(26-30V), 55.2V(52-60V)
Increase the Charge 14.4V/28.8V/57.6V, the battery voltage is below 12V/24V/48V, start extra charge for 2 hours
Batterry overpressure protection 15V/30V/60V
Input Reverse Connection Protection Yes
Load Over Current Protection Yes, every two seconds to restart
Charging Mode PWM
Temperature Compensation -24mV℃, -48mV℃, -96-mV℃, relative to 12V/24V/48V System
Operating Temperation -20℃- +55℃
Terminal Scale 28-10AWG
Waterproof level IP 32
Product Size 195mm*107mm*59mm
Weight 850g

 60A 12V/24V/48V PWM Solar Charge Controller Features

  • Automatic identification system voltage 12V/24V or 24V/48V.
  • Personalized LCD display and two-button operator and page.
  • High performance PWM three-stage charging.
  • You can choose to load the control template and set the streetlights in the world at night.
  • With overvoltage, short circuit, overload, overcharge, over discharge protection.
  • Accurate temperature compensation, correct charging and discharging voltages automatically extend battery life.
  • The default setting can be reset when the controller with the parameter set is powered off.
  • The positive and negative terminals of the input terminal are reversely connected to protect.


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