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Microtek 8kVA 120V Inverter

Are frequent power cuts or voltage fluctuations affecting your productivity? It’s time to opt for an inverter from a popular firm like Microtek as it specializes in producing an array of these equipments that are loaded with exceptional features that assures excellent performance. The Microtek Soho Hi End 8KVA Inverter is a new addition to its Soho series which is a perfect option for clinics, shops, homes and offices.

Size and Dimensions:

The high end inverter features a decent square shaped look in stand alone model that can stay put on a convenient place at your premises. It has a huge LCD screen to display various indicators along with glowing bulbs that glow when it is getting charged or generating power. Beneath the inverter is the grill with the perforated design and its exteriors are made with tough materials that are sturdy enough to stand wear and tear.

Technical Features:

This inverter is powered by PWM technology that is based on DSP and utilizes IGTB. It also has an Advanced Battery Management with 10.0A charging ability that enhances the life of the battery and makes it get charged quickly. The battery utilized in the inverter is lead acid and SMF types. It has inbuilt TDR and generates 8 KVA power for operating appliances based on compressor like Air Conditioner, fridge etc along with fans and tube lights.

Power Output:

This Soho inverter has the ability to generate a power of 8000 VA with 230 V along with the surge rating of 24000 VA. With an output wave form of true sine wave and a peak efficiency of >88%, this inverter can handle power fluctuations gently and safeguard all your sophisticated appliances like Photostat machine, petrol pump with 4 nozzles, dental machine etc. It has the ability to handle 105% overload in a minute and 125% for 5 seconds with 4 times Auto reset function.


Microtek Soho (Hi End) 8KVA Inverter Specs

Output Power: 8 KVA
Voltage: 144 V
Technology: IGBT based PWM
WaveForm: Pure Sine Wave
Recharge Time: 8 Hr(s)
Warranty: 2 Year(s)
Features: Auto Reset, LED Indicators
Segments: Office
Color: White


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