Yohako 80Ah 120V PWM Charge Controller With LCD Display


  • Superior military-grade components to ensure product stability.
  • Perfect protection function for higher reliability of the system.
  • Can check and set all operation parameters as required from LCD display.
  • PWM stepless unload mode, which burns the excess power into dump load which makes the battery charge better.
  • LCD Display Mode
  • Fan Cooled
  • IP20 Protection Level (Indoor)
  • ≤20 mA
  • Protection Functions: Battery over charge, Battery anti-reverse-connection, Solar reverse charge protection, Solar anti-reverse-connection, and lightning protection.
  • Ambient Temperature: -4~131F (-20~+55℃)
  • Ambient Humidity: 0~93%, without condensing
  • Working Altitude: ≤4000m

Note: Parameters can be configured according to your individual requirements.

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