WATERPROOF regulator 10Amps12/24V solar charge controller for street light


Application: it can charge the battery from solar panel, since it is water proof, it can be used outdoor, or used as solar street light controller.



  1. Using the Epoxy resin sealed technology, increased the function like: fall-proof, earthquake-proof, waterproof, corrosion-proof, moisture-proof, and so on. Waterproof grade: IP68.
  2. System voltage : 12V/24V automatic switch
  3. Comprehensive reverse connection protection
  4. Intelligently overload, short circuit and over voltage protection. (After over current protection, it will restart for every 2 mins, until releasing the failure)
  5. Multi-working model choosing, multi-parameter adjusting, make the products more intelligently, more useful.
  6. It has temperature sensor outside, can make the temperature compensation more precise. 7. More advanced charging and discharging control algorithm, effectively increase the use of solar panels’ rate and battery life.
  7. Design of high power density, all-aluminum case. Smaller sizes and better performance 9.Controller with infrared wireless receiving and sending function; matching the remote control can be achieved on the wireless programming to the controller.
  8. Remote control can only be used to change the controller model, set the light time at night and control the loads’ switch, these the simple functionality If we use IRF remote control with LCD screen to complete more function setting for the controller (OPTIONAL
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