Sinergy 7.5KVA / 120V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


With the 7.5kva / 120V Sinergy inverter, you hve enough capacity to take most of the regular appliances in a home. However, it’s generally not a great idea to run air conditioners on the 7.5kva/120V inverter, if you desire extended longevity from your battery bank.

As to your TVs, home lighting, fans, fridge, freezer, etc, the 7.5kva will do a good job, giving you reasonable backup, for long as your batteries get properly charged. It may also support a low capacity air conditioner, if you must use one, provided you don’t overstretch to the point of hurting your batteries. Overall, the 7.5kva / 120V inverter is a fairly robust capacity, meeting most of the power needs of a home.

Want it for your office equipment? The 7.5kva will also do a great job powering up your office. Most office devices can be accommodated, covering computers, fans, printers, lighting etc.

The Sinergy range of inverters and UPS is designed to world-class standards, delivering best-in-class performance. Sinergy inverters outclass some of the best-known inverter brands in some key performance parameters. That’s because of the key design features of the Sinergy inverter brand. Some of the key features of the Sinergy inverter range include:

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