Sinergy 2.5KVA/36V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


The 2.5KVA/36V Sinergy Pure Sine Wave inverter balances capacity increase with battery cost management. With as much as 2.5kva, you have cpacity the is large enough to support basic household requirements or office equipment. However, you get to spend less on batteries, using 3 units instead of 4 that similar capacities require.

With the Sinergy 2.5kva/36V inverter,  home appliances like your fans, TVs, lighting points, etc, are comfortably supported, up to a reasonable total load. What’s more, you will be sure of impressive backup performance, depending on your total load.

The Sinergy 2.5kva inverter is also an excellent capacity to deploy in the office. It’s a relatively affordable capacity and is yet able to power a sizable range of office equipment, covering lighting, PCs, printers and other basic gadgets.

Key features of Sinergy Inverters

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