Uncertain power availability in many regions has made inverter batteries a vital part of life.  NEXUS 200AH Battery is a highly efficient Lead Acid battery which can provide back-up power for home UPS systems to keep all your critical appliances in operation during power outages.

Battery Capacity:

NEXUS  200AH Battery comes with 100 AH capacity. It has specially designed deep cycle cells that are much less susceptible to degradation due to cycling and is ideal for applications where the batteries are regularly discharged.

Battery Design:

This Flat plate deep cycle battery flaunts a sleek appearance in a sealed plastic housing. It has a minimum footprint so that you can position it anywhere with ease. This battery has extra thick plates made with unique corrosion resistant alloy for a long service life. It has an excellent charge acceptance, thanks to its durable polyethylene separator with low internal resistance. The special alloy in the battery ensures minimum electrolyte loss, thus, minimizing water topping frequency.


This Lead Acid battery comprises of a set of positive plates/ anodes and negative plates/ cathodes immersed in an electrolyte. The anode is made from lead dioxide whereas the cathode is made from pure spongy lead. The electrolyte used in this battery is generally dilute sulphuric acid. Non conducting separators are placed between the positive and negative plates to prevent the risk of short circuit. All positive plates are connected in parallel to the outside positive terminal and all negative plates are connected in parallel to a negative terminal. Direct electric current is delivered to and taken out from the battery through these terminals.

Other Features:

Nexus 200AH Battery comes with special level indicators for easy maintenance.

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