Felicity 800VA 12V Power Inverter


Model EP-R IVS-0812 IVS-1512
Related capacity(VA) 800 1500
Battery DC Voltage 12V 12V
Appearance External size(mm) 312*262*118(L*W*H)
Shipping size(mm) 405*305*181(L*W*H)
Shipping size(mm) 414*311*560(3pcs)(L*W*H)
Net weight(KG) 9.0 13.5
Gross weight(KG) 9.5 14.0
Gross weight(KG) 29.3 43.8


Input Commercial

Power range(VAC)

100/110/120/127/220/230(+25%~ -35%)
Frequency(Hz) 60/50 ±10%
Output Wave form Sine-Wave
Frequency(Hz) Commercial power supply shared frequency with the commercial inversion state 60/50 ±0.5
Voltage range(VAC) 100/110/120/127/220/230 ±10%(Auto-sensing)
Transfer time Typical: 5ms(Including detection time)
Protection Overload IPS automatically shutdown if overload exceeds 120% of normal value 30 seconds
Battery Type Sealed, Maintenance-free Lead-acid
Recharge current 15-20A(Max)
Battery protection Automatic self-test;Discharge;Over-charge; Smart management
Display LED/LCD Optional
Remark Specification only for reference, Subject to change without prior notice
We accept order with special specification
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