Felicity 200L DC Solar Powered Freezer


These incredibly efficient solar powered freezers can be powered by two solar panels (150 watts) and a 150Ah battery. If you’re planning to live off of the electric grid, purchasing an efficient solar powered freezer is probably one of the most cost savings investments you can make.

Felicitysolar’s 200L Solar Powered Freezer provides enough cooling and freezing ability to keep your products fresh, crisp and frozen. The high quality construction provides excellent reliability and long life.

Main Features
1. Energy saving, they are energy efficient and can save you money on your power bill.
2. Adjustable leveling legs design, prevent the fridge from leaning due to uneven floor/ground.
3. AC & DC compressor, many companies use the DC motor compressor in the market, it’s break easily.

1. Avoid installation locations in direct sunlight, or next to stoves, heating, or similar heat sources.
2. The floor at the installation location should be level and flat. Install the device a sufficient distance from the wall so that the lid can open and close unhindered.
3. Do not cover the gap between the lower edge of the cabinet and the floor, because the chiller must be provided with cooling air.
Product Parameters
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