30Ah 12/24V PWM Charge Controller With LCD Display


30Ah 12/24V PWM Charge Controller With LCD Display

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Deal for
For 12V PV system: 24V for Max input,400W Solar Panel.
For 24V PV system :48V for Max input,800W Solar Panel

This controller has Light and Timer control Function
Light control: When daylight starts to occur then the light source goes off. Meanwhile, the Solar Panels will charge the batteries. when there is no sunlight the garden light will switch on.
Time control: There is an eight hours time control, that means it will go off when the Lights automatically switch off after 0-15 hours.
This Solar30 Solar controller is a kind of intelligent and multifunctional solar charge controller. These serial products adopt customized LCD display screen, which makes the operation on the interface rather convenient. All the controlling parameters can be reset flexibly to satisfy your different needs.