MPPT 20Ah 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller With LCD Display


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MPPT 20A/30A solar controller applied to the solar photovoltaic system which is used to coordinate solar panels, storage battery and load. It is a very important assembly in the photovoltaic system. It is different from other solar controllers that it is add the comprehensive protection function makes the whole solar photovoltaic system operate efficiently and safely.
1, LCD screen display
2, Easy operation interface
3, MPPT+PWM charging mode
Controller Provided  MPPT Maximum power point tracking  Function,charging mode is PWM)
4, Parameter user can reset,
5, A key to open and close the load,
6 A key to restore the factory settings,
7, Battery reverse discharge protection,
8, Battery reverse polarity protection
9, Battery under voltage protection,
10, Overload, short-circuit protection,