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    Sinergy SMF 200Ah/12V Deep Cycle Battery

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    The Sinergy Lead Acid Battery is a quality, high durability and long lasting deep cell battery. The right battery for your backup inverter system.


    General Features
    Features Lead Acid Battery
    Maximum Voltage Power 12 V
    Model ID 1557667
    Model Name Deep Cycle
    Size 200Ah
    Weight N/A

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    Supperceed 12V/200AH AGM Inverter Battery

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    Supperceed AGM BATTERY 12V 200ah

    A special assembly technology is used to enhance power density to a considerable level.

    1. The battery is full of power when it’s out of factory, no need to use liquid charge;
    2. No memory, no need to discharge battery use, suitable for circuit design;
    3. By high partition, adsorption and strong;
    4. There is no flowing liquid (poor liquid), does not leak acid and free Upside down,
    5. Comply with environmental requirements, ease of use,
    6. The use of lead-calcium alloys, battery self-discharge is very low,
    7. Easy storage, less maintenance;
    8. Using ABS plastic shell and valve technology for safe use.

    Typical Applications
    1. Tele-communication central station (wired or cellular)
    2. Power system communication, military communication, etc.
    3. Network communication including: Data transmission, television signal transmission, etc.
    4. Uninterruptable Power System (UPS- for Telecom)Battery general features

    Comes with one year warranty

    Cells per unit: 6
    Voltage per unit: 12 volt
    Capacity: 150ah
    Dimensions: 522x240x219 (240) mm

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    ZTE 2V 500AH Battery

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    Valve-regulated Lead Acid Batteries GFM series are widely utilized as standby power supply for communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, mobile station, railway and vessels etc., for the energy storage system of solar and wind power generation, and for the backup power supply of UPS and emergency illumination. Their designed life for standby usage is 15 years

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Showing 13–15 of 15 results