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  • 150AH 12V Ritar AGM Battery

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    With solar system and inverter say goodbye to Generator / PHCN problem.
    Get up to 24hrs of uninterrupted electricity with flexibility through the installation of solar panels And Inverter system both for your office and your home Appliances.
    It powers All type of load and it’s highly efficicency.

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  • Amaron Quanta 12V/200AH SMF Battery

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    Amaron Quanta the industrial segment SMF battery for UPS applications, In short, the life line to your UPS applications.


    Amaron Quanta is product of fail-safe fool-proof battery technology, produced and tested in premier manufacturing facility. It features several firsts for the battery industry like the unique Radgrid profile.


    Amaron Quanta has a broad range of SMF batteries specifically designed for UPS application, it offers you the right choice, no matter what your particular standby power need is.

    It is aesthetically designed, with an L-shaped terminal block that comes with a rugged Flappon terminal protector that prevents shorts.

    Amaron Quanta is compact, lightweight, explosion-resistant, factory charged and environment-friendly.


    PPCP Containers with low permeability ensures that there is no water loss.

    Proven AGM technology ensures maintenance-free characteristics.

    Reinforced end walls improve impact resistance.

    Thicker grids and higher separator compression prolong life expectancy.

    Inter cell weld between cells provide a high reliable, low resistance current path.

    A unique heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, to increase cyclic life in tropical environments.

    Radgrid profile provides lower internal resistance and superior high discharge performance.

    Instacharge a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance.

    Low self-discharge rates for extended storage periods.

    Conforms to International standards – JIS8702C.

    Design float life of 10 years.

    Clean and Sleek looks.


    Data Centers

    Banks & Financial Markets

    Network Operation Centers

    Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Power Generation Plants

    Hospital & Testing Laboratories

    Internet Housing Sites

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  • Genus Inverter 12V/200AH Battery

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    SMARTPOWERFIX is a one-stop shop for power backup and no1 Power Provider in Nigeria, Since 2002 with proven track records.

    Genus 12v/200ah


    Upto 2years life span.

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  • Monbat Non-Spillable Varla Battery 12v 200A

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    A reliable source of backup power for applications such as:
    • inverters
    .equipment for telephone exchanges and transmission of voice and data
    • mobile and fixed communications systems
    • radio and video systems
    • Relay Stations and Repeaters
    Come's with one year and six month warranty
    Capacity: 200Ah
    Internal resistance: 3,00mΩ
    Dimensions: 555 x 125 x 280 mm
    Terminals for FRONT
    Terminal Type : 1 + 1 FA
    Weight: 59.2 Kg

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  • Mpower Deep Cycle 12V/200AH Inverter Battery

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    This Mpower MLA200-XL with 12v/200ah Deep Cycle Inverter Battery is specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications.


    General Features
    Features Smart Charge
    Maximum Voltage Power 12 V / 200 Ah
    Model ID MLA200-XL
    Model Name Deep Cycle Inverter Battery
    Size N/A
    Weight N/A

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  • Power Safe Batteries 12V -200A,150A-12V

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    The PowerSafe range of valve regulated lead acid batteries has been designed specifically for use in applications that demand the highest levels of security and reliability. With proven compliance to the most rigorous international standards, PowerSafe V batteries are recognised worldwide as a premium solution for Telecom applications. The reputation of PowerSafe V batteries for long service life, together with excellent high rate performance, also makes it ideal for high integrity, high specification UPS systems.

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  • Prag 12V 200AH Premium Gel Battery

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    Extreme long life Inverter battery manufactured to last up to three years.

    Nominal Voltage 12volt
    Nominal Capacity (Rated Capacity, Ah) 10hr of20.00A to 10.50V200.0Ah
    5hr of36.40A to 10.20V182.0Ah
    1hr of132.0A to 9.60V132.0Ah
    Capacity affected by temperature 30℃(86℉): 105%
    25℃(77℉): 103%
    10℃(50℉): 95%
    -10℃(14℉): 78%
    Internal resistance (20℃(68℉), full charge) Approx.2.5m(milliohms)
    Maximum discharge current 800A(Continuousdischarge)
    Self-discharge (20℃(68℉) After 1 month 3%
    After 3 month 8%
    After 6 month 15%
    Net Weight 65.0kg
    Weight efficiency (10hr rate) 35.29WH/kg
    Volume efficiency (10hr rate) 82.05WH/Liter
    Max. short-duration discharge current 3600Amperes
    Housing material Container/cover made from ABS resin or Optional Flame retardant (UL94-Vo / L.O.I over 29)
    Electrolyte GEL TECHNOLOGY
    Hardware 3/8*L30Bolt/Nut
    Constant voltage charge Stand-by use: Voltage 13.32-13.68V (20℃) max. current no limit
    Cyclic use: Voltage 14.40-15.00V (20℃) max. current 80.00Amperes
    Life expectancy Stand-by use: 10-12 years (20℃)
    Cyclic use: 100% DOD 450 cycles
    50% DOD 1000 cycles
    30% DOD 1800 cycles
    Dimension(mm) L500 W260 H196 TH225

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  • Safe Power 12V/200AH inverter Battery

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    SAFE POWER BATTERY 200AH   || The Safe Power Battery 200ah is a very rugged and heavy duty battery. Produced with the best materials to serve you for a long time. Built for home and office gadgets.     There are many batteries out there, but Safe Power Battery is one that offers that kind of assurance you want. Safe Power Battery is designed to withstand stress and cope more effectively with the heavy usage that our acute power shortage induces. That’s why the manufacturer easily backs it with an extended warranty, to provide the purchase protection you desire. That warranty is a replacement warranty, meaning that you must have your battery working, through the warranty period…made in India

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  • True Front Access 12V -210A Non Spillable Varla Battery

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    Long life cycle service design:

    Proven C&D DCS plate technology,
    Maximum cycle life for deep cycle & hybrid applications,
    High charge acceptance for rapid recharge.
    True front access design:

    True direct connect terminal for reliabiliaty
    C&D Ohmic Ring for accurate testing
    Optional true front access gas collection system for sealed cabinet installation,
    Connection versatility
    Maximum performance:

    Superior output due to direct terminal connection,
    Low internal resistance
    Non-hazardous, Come’s with one year Guarantee

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