• Luminous 30KVA/360V 3-Phase Smart-charging Sine Wave Inverter

    The Luminous 30kVA 360V inverter is a high capacity 3-phase pure sine wave inverter, suitable for data centers, IT centres, internet nodes and switches, bank ATMs, security systems, medical diagnostic systems, shopping malls and offices and other equipment and environments that require non-stop power supply.

    Luminous of India is one of the leading inverter manufacturing companies, producing also other power backup equipment, including solar modules and solar inverters. With a solid track record of reliable, durable power backup systems, Luminous inverters like the Luminous 30kVA 360V inverter can be trusted to deliver top performance.


    The 30kVA Luminous inverter requires a battery bank of 30 no. 12V batteries to function. Battery cost is not included in the product price above, but you can easily choose our battery options on the battery category page. The luminous 30kVA and other Luminous inverters are best paired with the Luminous battery brand, though strictly speaking, the user can choose any battery brand. Please note that while most installations are done with the 200Ah/12V battery capacity because it’s a relatively high capacity, the inverter will also work with most other battery capacities, 100Ah/12V for instance. But note again that while that is the case, the backup time to expect from the system will depend on the battery capacity you deploy. 200Ah battery will give approximately double the backup time you will expect from the 100Ah option.

    To properly stack and arrange your battery bank, you will necessarily require a suitable battery rack. You may improvise if you can, but off-the-shelf battery racks are also available. For the 30-battery size of the 30kVA Luminous inverter, two units of the 15-battery rack would just do. You can check for battery racks here.

    It is recommended that you let our trained and experienced inverter technicians handle the installation for you, to ensure it’s properly done. There is an installation fee which you can contact us to discuss, but that’s ultimately far cheaper than experimenting with the installation of an equipment that you are investing a lot of money to acquire.


    Luminous has developed its inverter technology through extensive research over the years, leading to its current high quality product status. Based on DSP technology, the Luminous 30kVA inverter is one of your best options when in comes to this high capacity. It is fast-charging and fast-switching and delivers pure sine wave power output. With all the built-in protections from its MCB design, this inverter will do well at home for such household appliances as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, televisions, water pumps, etc and also support your office equipment if that’s where you want it.


    What’s more, this product comes with a full year manufacturer’s warranty. And that warranty is backed with service support that is dependable and can be trusted to quickly resolve any issue, if it ever comes up. Those familiar with this service know that user’s have a peace-of-mind assurance that help is very handy, in the unlikely evebt that something goes wrong.

    All said, Luminous is a leading inverter brand and a tested one at that. The 30kVA 360V Luminous inverter is worth every kobo you invest in it because it will deliver in performance and durability.


  • Mpower 1.2KVA12V Inverter With Smart Battery Charger & LCD Display

    Mpower 1200W/12V Inverter is compactly designed to power home appliances or important electronics. It comes with an LCD display to enable the user monitor the operating status of the equipment. This tough, hard-working, low cost inverter is highly mobile in design and can be easily installed. It has better performance, more durability, trusted technical support and best of all, low pricing! The Mpower 1200W/12V Modified Sine Wave Inverter is in a class of its own, boasting of top performance with a high load tolerance capability. If you simply want to get the job done, at the best possible price, without worrying much about the waveform, Mpower modified sine wave inverter is the perfect fit. It functions well, is durable and for most domestic appliances, this class of inverters will meet your power supply objective, costing far less than the pure sine wave alternatives

  • Mpower 2400W/24V Inverter With Fast Smart Battery Charger & LCD Display

    The  2.4KVA/24V  Inverter is a  high-efficiency and smart solution for prolonged power supply in your home and office. Fully automatic its operations, with smooth switch-overs, and no black outs. It features an LCD display that provides all info on what you want to know about I/P & O/P voltage, Battery level indicator in bars, Load % and much more. It has an overload protection which ensures maximum efficiency of all appliances against load shedding. It has a fast charging capability and is well-designed to deliver stable voltage to your electrical devices. Mpower 2400W/24V Modified Sine Wave Inverter offers the unique value of delivering a robust/quality performance at a low purchase cost. This home inverter has a built-in fast charging system and an automatic change-over mechanism ensuring continuous power supply. A digital LCD monitoring screen enables the user to easily keep track of the functioning of the equipment. This low-priced but dependable inverter has provided a cheaper access window to inverters. That has enabled more homes and offices to enjoy the benefits of a top quality, reliable inverter, without breaking the bank!


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