• 150AH 12V Ritar AGM Battery

    With a solar system and inverter say goodbye to Generator / PHCN problem.
    Get up to 24hrs of uninterrupted electricity with flexibility through the installation of solar panels And Inverter system both for your office and your Home Appliances.
    It powers All types of load and it’s highly efficient.

  • De Bull 12v 200ah Battery

    DE-BULL Inverter Battery 12V 200AH/20HR DC12-200
    * Extra thick plate with Pb-Ca-Tin alloy.
    * Sealed, Maintenace- Free operation.
    * Patent design for terminal without leakage.
    * Anti-Corrosion electrolyte ensure longer life.

    De-Bull 200AH Battery Price: N 118,000.00 Features Specification Order Now Ultra Low Maintenance Telecommunication battery Easy lifting arrangement Most Trusted Strong and rugged polypropylene container of pillared construction Deep cycle batteries 63Kg, 200AH/12V, Block Battery.


    De Bull 12v 200ah Battery

  • Deka 12v 200ah Battery




    MK Deka batteries are manufactured under the most versatile computer control battery formation system and technology to achieve the highest quality. The automated, computer controlled system provides programmed functions for steps of current, time, voltage, temperature and event control to match the performance specifications of your application requirements.

    MK Sealed PV/Solar Batteries

    MK sealed batteries are designed for maintenance-free operation for the life of the battery. Sealed construction eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes, and spills. Tank formed plates ensure voltage matching between cells. Most models are rated non-spillable by ICAO, IATA, and DOT, allowing them to be transported by air and requiring no special containers for ground shipping.

    East Penn MK Sealed AGM Batteries

    These are completely sealed, absorbed glass mat, valve-regulated batteries with efficient recombination. AGM batteries are recommended for battery backup standby power systems where batteries are in float service with occasional deep discharges. They can operate at temperatures from -40 to 140°F.


    • Dual-Purpose design yields Deep Cycle service and High Performance rating
    • Less than 2% per month standing self discharge.
    • Maintenance Free
    • Valve Regulated
    • Float and Cycle Use
    • High Discharge Rate
    • Absorbed Glass Mat (often referenced as Gel Cell)
    • Leak Proof/Spill Proof
    • High quality battery/better uniformity
    • Popular Applications: RV, Marine, Solar, Communications, Sump Pumps, Lifts, Etc.
    • MK AGM Batteries requires no special battery charger as do GEL CELL batteries. If uncertain if the battery charger you currently using will properly charge an AGM battery please consult us before using the charger. Typically RV and Marine charging systems require no modification when using MK AGM Batteries.
    • MK Battery is a wholly owned subsidiary of East Penn Mfg Co (DEKA) of Lyon, PA.

    Deka 12v 200ah Battery

  • Exide Index XHD Gel SMF Tubular 220Ah 12V Battery for Heavy Duty Applications

    • Features of XHD series
    • Reliability of Tubular plate design
    • Convenience of maintenance free & reliable operation of Gel electrolyte
    • No water topping needed
    • Deep cycling application
    • No acid stratification
    • Supplied factory charged – ready to use
    • Designed for longer life
    • Compatible to CC-CV charging
    • Deep discharge protection
    • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Applications: Banks – ATM kiosks & galleries, Home & offices – UPS/Inverter systems, Process Instrumentation & Control, Office automation equipment, EPABX system, Electronic attendance & cash register, Fire alarm & security system
  • Felicity 12V 200Ah Gel Battery

    Product Parameters
    ups vrla 12v 250ah battery
    Model FL-G-70AH FL-G-100AH FL-G-150AH FL-G-200AH FL-G-250AH
    Cells Per Unit 6
    Voltage Per Unit 12
    Capacity 70Ah @10hr-rate to 1.80V per

    cell @ 25℃

    100Ah @10hr-rate to 1.80V per

    cell @ 25℃

    150Ah @10hr-rate to 1.80V per

    cell @ 25℃

    200Ah @10hr-rate to 1.80V per

    cell @ 25℃

    250Ah @10hr-rate to 1.80V per

    cell @2 5℃

    Weight 21.5KG 29.5KG 42KG 61.5KG 72.5KG

    Discharge Current

    700A(5 sec) 1000A(5 sec) 1500A(5 sec) 2000A(5 sec) 2500A(5 sec)
    Internal Resistance Approx. 5.8mΩ Approx. 5 mΩ Approx. 4.2 mΩ     Approx. 4 mΩ Approx. 3.8 mΩ
    Recommended Maximum ChargingCurrent Limit  




     45A  60A 75A
    Operating Temperature Range Discharge: -20℃~60℃   Charge:0℃~50℃    Storage:-20℃~60℃
    Normal Operating Temperature Range 25℃ ± 5 ℃
    Float charging Voltage 13.6 to 13.8V DC/unit Average at 25℃
    Equalization and Cycle Service 14.4to 14.6V DC/unit Average at 25℃
    Self Discharge GEL batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25℃. Self-discharge ratio less than 3% per month at 25℃. Please charge batteries before using.
    Size 260*169*210MM 330*171*218MM

    Felicity 12V 200Ah Gel Battery


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