• Sunfit 2V 500ah Inverter Battery

    ♦Safety seal, Deflating system ,Simple maintenance, long lasting,Stable quality and high reliability

    ♦Gelled electrolyte made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume.
    ♦The electrolyte is gel like, immobile and does not leak, enabling
    uniform reaction of each part of the plate.
    ♦High rate discharge performance due to tight assembly technology
    ♦Strong heat dissipation and wide operating temperature range
    ♦Avoid acid mist being separated out, environment friendliness
    ♦Efficient venting system release excessive gas automatically

    ♦Hybrid and off grid solar power system
    ♦ UPS battery backup
    ♦Wind solar energy system

    ♦ Signal system, emergency lighting system, security system
    ♦Telecommunication Equipment
    ♦Power station and plant room

    Comes with one year warranty

    Nominal Voltage
    Nominal Capacity(10Hr)
    L*W*H 240mm*175mm*330mm
    Total Height with Terminal: 340mm
    Container Material
    Rated Capacity
    543.2Ah/27.16A                 (20Hr, 1.80V/Cell, 25 C/77 ºF)

    500.0Ah/50.00A                 (10Hr, 1.75V/Cell, 25 C/77 ºF)
    438.0Ah/87.6A                   (5Hr, 1.75V/Cell, 25 C/77 ºF)
    396.6Ah/192.2A                 (3Hr, 1.75V/Cell, 25 C/77 ºF)
    298.7 AH/298.7A               (1hr,1.67V/cell,25 C/77 F)
    Max Discharge Current
    3500A (5S)
    Internal Resistance
    Approx 0.55mΩ
    Operating Temperature Range
    Discharge:    -20 ~55 ℃ (-4 ~131 ºF)

    Charge:          0 ~40 ℃ (32 ~104 ºF)
    Storage:        -20 ~50 ℃ (-4 ~122 ºF)
    Nominal Operating Temp. Range
    25+/-3℃ (77+/-5ºF)
    Cycle Use
    Initial Charging Current less than 500.0A. Voltage

    2.4V~2.5V at 25 ℃(77ºF)Temp. Coefficient-5mV/ºC
    Standby Use
    No Limit on Initial Charging Current Voltage

    2.25V~2.3V at 25 ℃(77ºF)Temp. Coefficient-3mV/ºC
    Factory & Production

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