• De Bull 12v 200ah Battery

    DE-BULL Inverter Battery 12V 200AH/20HR DC12-200
    * Extra thick plate with Pb-Ca-Tin alloy.
    * Sealed, Maintenace- Free operation.
    * Patent design for terminal without leakage.
    * Anti-Corrosion electrolyte ensure longer life.

    De-Bull 200AH Battery Price: N 118,000.00 Features Specification Order Now Ultra Low Maintenance Telecommunication battery Easy lifting arrangement Most Trusted Strong and rugged polypropylene container of pillared construction Deep cycle batteries 63Kg, 200AH/12V, Block Battery.


    De Bull 12v 200ah Battery

  • De Bull 12v 230ah Tall Tubular battery

    Safe, efficient and professional SOLAR & INVERTER installations, We have HIGH QUALITY PURE SINE WAVE KOREAN, INDIAN AND AMERICAN INVERTERS WITH SOLAR MODULES across THE NATION at competitive prices with 2 YEARS WARRANTY and 24/7 after-sales-
    High Heat Tolerance Capacity Makes It Perfect For Africa Weather Conditions,
    Factory Charged, Has Highest Reserve Capacity,
    Charging Is Easy And Happens Fast,
    Less Prone To Lose Water And Hence Maintenance Not Needed That Often. Contains Low Lead Reserve.
    24 months manufacturers warranty
    Lifespan 4-8years
    German Standard


    De Bull 12v 230ah Tall Tubular battery


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