About Us

Puregreenenergy.com.ng is first and best online Wholesale/retailer Shop that specializes on all green energy needs . We are one of the leading suppliers across Nigeria. Who provide Cost-competitive, Environmental friendly, high quality Renewable energy products.We Sale, Supply and install Solar Street light, Solar PV Panels, Inverters,Solar Charge Controllers PWM/MPPT, Deep cycle,Gel & AGM Batteries, Solar Refrigerator, Solar Water heater , Solar Lantern,Solar LED Lights and all Solar renewable energy products.We believe that quality matters.


Is to help facilitate awareness and change in how we acquire and use energy resources. We believe innovation and technology will continue to advance in fascinating and exciting ways, and that we are capable of solving our energy needs.alternating energy solutions with long-lasting components that will provide excellent electricity backup, this of course in view of the national grid power shortage challenges that the country faces presently. We are just getting started. A clean energy future is possible!”



Providing homes and businesses access to solar electricity as a viable alternative to their fundamental energy needs.Fostering creativity, innovation and technical partnerships to deliver low-cost solar solutions that is affordable for everyday people.With over 10 years of experience in the solar power and energy consultation field, we have high reputation of success rate and can guarantee we will deliver on our promise for your projects as well.To achieve this.We have team of young, talented, experienced and professional engineers registered with the Nigerian Society of Engineers. For safe, efficient and professional INVERTER installation. We Recommends, Supplies and Installs HIGH QUALITY PURE SINE WAVE KOREAN, INDIAN AND AMERICAN INVERTERS WITH SOLAR MODULES across THE NATION at competitive prices with 1YEARS WARRANTY and 6 months after-sales-services.